Международный институт информатики,
управления, экономики и права в г. Москве

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Centre Vision: The Center promotes the ideology of cross-cultural interaction based on mutual respect and trust. We see intercultural cooperation as an equal WIN-WIN tool that allows participating countries to achieve common goals and their own tasks without prejudice to national interests.

 — WIN-WIN «everyone wins»

 — Honesty

 — Opening

 — Mutual respect

 — Trust

 — Freedom of choice

 — Freedom of expression

 — Risk under controlled

 — Provision of services in the field of intercultural interaction

 — Create cultural projects and support the positioning and promotion of cultural culture based on enhanced inter-ethnic and inter-country interaction

 — Formation of educational products aimed at increasing the effectiveness of intercultural projects

 — Creation of a scientific and methodological basis for the management of socio-cultural relations and inter-country interaction

Tasks of the center:

 — Increase the effectiveness of MIIUEP’s participation in socio-cultural processes, support for international relations and intercultural cooperation

 — Federation of actors in intercultural projects, creation of managed projects with the organization of quality support

 — Participation in the implementation of inter-ethnic, national, regional and other projects in the field of promotion and development of intercultural interaction

 — Scientific study of the socio-cultural models of various countries, creation of models of intercultural stowage with the Russian Federation

Objectives of the center:

 — Achievement of MIIUEP participation in the implementation of global, inter-ethnic and national projects in the field of culture

— Creation of «advanced demand» cultural products, achievement of high consumption rates (views, citation)

 — Creation of wider audiences for the consumption of cultural products (projects involving more than 10,000 participants)

 — Creation of targeted projects in the field of intercultural cooperation between the Russian Federation and friendly countries with obtaining a positive assessment from the authorities, public organizations, representatives of enterprises of the participating countries.

 — Implementation of participation in the work of legislative and state bodies of the Russian Federation in the field of international relations, positioning of the culture of the Russian Federation

Audience Name Connexion
1Holders of intercultural exchange and cooperation projects (including cultural centers of other countries of the Russian Federation)Development and implementation of social-cultural and intercultural interaction projects. Modeling and mediation of the socio-cultural model of interaction. Scientific support for the organization of intercultural integration and interaction
2Universities and educational institutions working in international network projectsParticipation in international network projects. Creation of student and scientific cooperation projects. Assistance in the creation of projects «exceeding demand» in the field of Sustainable Development, Leadership, etc.
3Entrepreneurs and business representativesOrganization of accompaniment in the knowledge of the cultures of company of the various countries. Support for the cultural system in corporate communication
4Government Departments. Regional and municipal authorities of the Russian FederationOrganization of support and participation in communications with other countries with the support of the cultural mechanism. Support for the socio-cultural system in joint international projectsLegislative authorities (State Duma and Council of Federations)
5Legislative authorities (State Duma and Council of Federations)Support for public and non-profit activities in the field of international intercultural interaction.
6Public and non-profit organizationsRussian Federation mass media
7Russian Federation mass media. Citizens of the Russian FederationCitizens of the Russian Federation
8Mass media of friendly countries. Citizens of friendly countriesMass media of friendly countries. Citizens of friendly countries

- Consultations on intercultural interaction

— Creation of courses and educational programs in the field of intercultural interaction

- Carry out social surveys, study public opinion, conduct non-contact sociological research on the Internet on issues of intercultural interaction

- Publish and create intercultural content

- Modeling of inter-country socio-cultural relations

- Development of goal-oriented models (problem- and task-oriented intercultural interaction models)

- Creation of cultural exchange projects, cultural cooperation

- Support for interaction image projects between the Russian Federation and friendly countries

— Center service functions:

Creation and support of horizontal friendly country RF communications networks

Removal of intercultural barriers, adaptation and training of participants in communication

Multilingual support, translation services (including apostilled translation)

Legal and legal assistance

Synthesis of projects, conception of problems and tasks of intercultural projects

Project support, project audit, independent support

Organization of the search and selection of personnel for intercultural cooperation projects

Arbitration, conflict mediation

Product 1Non-profit intercultural cooperation. Go to the Golden Age » For non-profit and public organizations of the Russian Federation and friendly countries.

The product is intended for cultural support of the activities of non-profit organizations of the Russian Federation planning to work in other countries or organizations of the 3rd sector coming to Russia. The definition of the objectives of the activities is determined by the incorporation of the intercultural interaction mechanism of the national areas in WIN-WIN. Participants in the processes are trained in cultural characteristics, rules of conduct of activities and ethical mechanism of cultural exchange and interaction. Participants deal with regulatory and legal requirements. The activity is focused («Idea Focus»). A project logic is being created to organize support by MIIUEP services through the mechanisms of the network of partners. The product includes support for the project using the services of the Centre’s project office.

Product 2. «Russia Welcome 2.0» For diplomatic missions and consulates incl. through the mechanism of Cultural Centers

The product is intended to support the targeted activities of diplomatic missions and consulates in connection with projects for the presentation of national cultures in the Russian Federation. The product includes socio-cultural modeling, creating an interaction model. It plans to conduct sociological surveys and obtain public opinion, diagnoses and study the quality of the representation of the culture of the «customer’s country» in the information field of the Russian Federation with the involvement of media partners. The product provides for the design of content, memeplexes, information campaigns associated with cultural positioning processes. The services are connected to create media content, organize competitions, organize grant programs, organize cultural and educational events with the support of an intercultural model. The Center provides highly professional services in the field of: socio-cultural modelling, sociometric data collection, scientific support for intercultural cooperation, diagnosis of intercultural barriers and conflicts. The product provides for the creation of goal-oriented project activities with the participation of the Center’s project support and the support of analytical and scientific experts.

Product 3. «Bussines in Russia — It`s PROFIT» For CCIs of friendly countries and business centers»

The product is designed to support trade and investment relations of business representatives from other countries of the Russian Federation. Diagnoses and determination of the «demand» of the representatives of the company or the investor are carried out. With the help of the MIIUEP network mechanism, the feasibility of the request is determined, with the provision of information and advisory support. Types of «requests»: market research, selection of a partner in the Russian Federation, investments in the Russian Federation, selection of financial instruments, search for technological support, search for scientific partners, search for an educational partner, support information for sales, help in starting a business in the Russian Federation on a turnkey basis.

Product 4. «Welcome to World Business» For entrepreneurs, business representatives, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The product is designed to support the entry of Russian companies into international markets. A diagnosis of the strategy of the company which plans to enter international markets is in progress. Product, marketing, investment, intercultural strategy and company policy are determined. A diagnosis of the potential barriers and limits of the implementation of the business plan is carried out. A selection of tools is underway to implement a business plan, remove barriers and restrictions. Center services and MIIUEP departments are connected. Network and partnership mechanisms are activated, incl. network partnership mechanisms in friendly countries. Communication support and full project support are provided.

MKOS-MIIUEP Center  leaders

Kuznetsova Valeria Igorevna

Poskonny Dmitry Alexandrovich